Transmit 5.0.1 Mac Torrent

Download Transmit 5.0.1 Mac Torrent

Torrent Transmit Mac Free Download| Mac OS X | 61.4 MB.

Transmit is the last transfer client FTP + SFTP + WebDAV + Amazon S3 eparaMac files.

You need to transfer files. Maybe to an FTP or SFTP server, or the cloud via Amazon S3, or using WebDAV. It maintains a website, back up or uploads photos. Transmit needs, client # 1 Mac OS X FTP.


Power protocol: FTP (Normal, Implicit SSL and TLS / SSL), SFTP, Amazon S3 and WebDAV (HTTP and HTTPS)
Flexible Favorites for quick access to the server
a practical view of two panels
Rapid transfer of multiple connections
Easy Transfer Manager
Quick Look, CoverFlow, thumbnail image
Places to access folders with a single click
FXP support
Bandwidth limitation
Much more!


Scary, wicked fast compared to Transmit 3 – 25 times.
4x Faster: 30,000 lists of remote files.
18x Faster: 30,000 download small files.
2.25x faster: eliminating 30,000 small files.
25x Faster: loading 15,000 small files.

Download Transmit 5.0.1 Mac Torrent