ProMessage Volume 2 Dialogue Tool for Final Cut Pro X Mac Torrent

Download ProMessage Volume 2 Dialogue Tool for Final Cut Pro X Mac Torrent

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ProMessage: Volume 2 is a dialogue creation tool made exclusively for use in Final Cut Pro X. Choose from 30 self-animating styles ranging from generic boxed messages to rounded presets with blurring capabilities. Stylize the text and message style and allow ProMessage to do the rest. Using ProMessage is an absolute breeze. Drag, drop, and stylize. ProMessage: Volume 2 is an FCPX exclusive plugin.

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Messaging Text Titles with ProMessage: Volume 2 in FCPX
Dialogue Creation Tool

With ProMessage: Volume 2, users can create an unlimited dialogue without the having to set a single keyframe. Using ProMessage is extremely easy. Select one of 30 minimalistic messaging styles and drag it into the FCPX timeline. After stylizing the bubble and text, drag another title and drag it above the first message. ProMessage will do the rest.
Type In Functionality

ProMessage: Volume 2 presets allows users to animate text messages with type in functionality. Find the “Type In” checkbox under the “Animation Controls” category. Utilize ProMessage presets to create short or lengthy conversations between two or more parties with drag and drop ease.
On-Screen Controls

ProMessage: Volume 2 features on-screen controls that allows users to intuitively scale and position presets. Additionally, users can freely adjust how far messages are shifted downwards. For larger messages, increase the shift amount and vice versa. ProMessage: Volume 2 is the easiest way to create a limitless dialogue in Final Cut Pro X.
30 Customizable Presets

Each ProMessaage preset contains unique customization options that can be found in the top-right inspector window. Using these parameter controls, users can manipulate the text message content, style, and more within Final Cut Pro X. Choose from generic message bubbles with rigid edges to background blurring presets.

Download ProMessage Volume 2 Dialogue Tool for Final Cut Pro X Mac Torrent