Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra (build 17A365)Mac Torrent

Download Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra (build 17A365)Mac Torrent

High Sierra Torrent Mac Free Download | Apple Mac Store | 4.82 GB.

The guys from Cupertino have just launched the “final” version of the beta versions for all users who want to install it on your Mac. This version called GM (Golden Master) is a version that can be considered as the last before the release of version end that is expected to arrive on 25 September.

Anyone can install the GM on the Mac since this is also available in a version for users who are within the program of public betas and obviously also for developers with the official account.

In the keynote, last Tuesday showed nothing about these new versions of software and subsequently launched the Golden Master of iOS users. Today we have available this GM version for MacOS High Sierra 10.13.

Really changes from the previous version beta is not too noticeable but it is clear that in these GM no changes are added simply stability and security is sought against the release of the final version will arrive in a few days, we must also say that this GM version and the final version will have on 25 this month are equal.

As we all know macOS High Sierra comes with new technologies for the Mac is more powerful, stable and above all fast. Also lays the foundation for future innovations with support for EVC, the new standard for video and the new management system APFS files. In short, this is a fairly continuista version which refers to aesthetic changes, but very important for the functioning of our Mac and the Mac of the future.

Download Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra (build 17A365)Mac Torrent