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Komodo IDE is a development environment for programmers with a wide range of languages: PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Javascript, HTML …
In this article, we will present one of the most popular development environments, called Komodo IDE. It is a commercial product created by the ActiveState company, which serves IDE for developing applications with different programming languages, with some assistance for creating projects with such programs, as project manager, aid while programming line, colored text, debugger, etc …

The software is used for various development languages and technologies, but focusing on those that have to do with the web, but there is one that also serves as a general purpose in its range of supported languages. The list composes PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, and Tcl. Of course also supports more basic as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and XML languages. In addition, it also supports some languages as RHTML templates, Template-Toolkit, Smarty, and Django.
What’s New

Version 10.2.3:
Fixed issue where Komodo would randomly hang, particularly apparent on MacOS since its 10.12.4 update – fixes #2424
Added a new Update Window for major releases (eg. Komodo 11)

Download Komodo IDE 10.2.3 Mac Torrent