FontShop presents: The 100 all time Best Fonts Mac Torrent

Font Torrents Mac Free Download – The 100 all time Best Fonts since Gutenberg, as selected by their users and an international jury.
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How we rated the fonts:

The review of immeasurable qualities is tricky. How does one measure aesthetic quality, the benefit of an item, its value to humanity? How does one determine a list of the best fonts of all time? We tried to do this by using an objective and two subjective measurement patterns weighted as follows:

FontShop Sales Figures: 40%
Historical Value/Meaning: 30%
Aesthetic Qualities: 30%

The evaluation consisted exclusively of licensed or ëcommercialí fonts. Free fonts or operating system fonts were not considered, nor were fonts integral to standard software (i.e. Arial, Verdana, etc.). Font variations, which over the centuries have been individually interpreted by various Foundries, were uniquely evaluated as a class and the best variant was entered into the main judging process.

The Judges:

Roger Black (Danilo Black, Inc., USA)
With David Berlow, design consultant Roger Black founded Font Bureau in Boston in 1989. Later, Roger was Chief Creative Officer of and is now Danilo Black. Being an early adopter of the Internet has never stopped developing and redesigning magazines and newspapers. Personal top Ten:

1. Centaur
2. Egiziano
3. Big Caslon
4. Bureau Grotesque
5. Bembo
6. Bulmer
7. Ionic No. 5
8. Kennerly
9. Clarendon
10. Parkinson